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The Law Firm operates on the basis of knowledge and experience of Barbara Leonowicz, member of the District Chamber of Legal Advisers in Krakow, a legal adviser with over ten years of experience. The activities of the Law Firm are focused on providing day-to-day services to business entities as well as company and commercial contract law. The Law Firm also successfully conducts representation during court disputes and the process of negotiating contracts and agreements.

zdjęcie radcy prawnego Barbara Leonowicz


Over the last decade, our legal activity has been focused on providing legal services to business entities and companies mainly from the IT, construction and real estate sectors as well as catering and tourism. Cooperation based on reliable information and mutual trust has resulted in many effective solutions and has often helped to prevent undesirable and painful problems.


Depending on our Client’s needs, we offer various forms of cooperation:

  • ad-hoc assistance with hourly or lump-sum remuneration,
  • permanent service with hourly settlement
  • mixed remuneration tailored to the type of order and the needs and capabilities of the Client.

IT and new technology services

Many years of experience with IT companies have honed the firm's specialization in this area. The service and consulting are based on the knowledge of the economic reality of commercial contracts as well as b2b agreements. Legal services, among others, include Supporting the negotiation of agreements and proposing available tax solutions to benefit from reductions and preferences. In this respect, we offer a selection of solutions to streamline the process of settlement and securing the interests of industry entities, taking into account the often international character of services and intellectual property transfer. This service is also provided in English.


Restructuring and bankruptcy

Offer addressed to entrepreneurs who sometimes, for independent reasons, may experience temporary or permanent problems with the company's solvency. The aim is to propose a solution that helps to get through this situation as painlessly as possible. Legal assistance is provided in a way that will protect the management board from personal liability for the company's liabilities (taking into account the interests of creditors) and minimize the necessary costs that the client has to bear - both financial and emotional - related to the ongoing process.

What we offer

  • Analysis of the situation
  • Conducting restructuring
  • Preparation of bankruptcy
  • Consumer bankruptcy
Analysis of the situation
It involves carrying out an analysis of the company's situation in order to select a method of restructuring at the stage prior to the submission of the restructuring application.
Conducting restructuring
It includes the submission of the application and the conduct of the procedure for examining the application and further restructuring.
Preparation of bankruptcy
It includes the filing of the application and the conduct of proceedings for the examination of the application and further bankruptcy proceedings.
Consumer bankruptcy
Analysis of the case in terms of the possibility of debt recovery addressed to a natural person not engaged in business activity.

Court proceedings

The offer includes representation in the course of cases and court disputes, both commercial and other civil. Depending on the situation, the activities include preparing for a smooth transition through the process and effective conduct of the proceedings.

What we offer

  • Commercial cases
  • Civil cases
  • Successions and family matters
Commercial cases
It covers proceedings arising from contracts and commercial relations, recovery of receivables as well as protection against unjustified recovery.
Civil cases
Includes proceedings arising from private contracts, labour disputes, requests for payment and others.
Successions and family matters
It covers proceedings such as succession, divorce and alimony cases. These disputes, due to the frequent involvement of outsiders, require a specific approach and are often led to an out-of-court settlement.

Other cases

As required, the law firm also provides legal services beyond the areas of the activities described above. This includes matters such as ad hoc legal advice and consultation on the legal aspects of private contracts or the safeguarding of interests at the pre-trial stage in order to minimise risks and prevent litigation.



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